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Africa Safari DirectExceptional safaris at great values

Exceptional safaris at great values

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All services in East Africa are provided by a major, long established, top quality tour operator.

Africa Safari Direct safaris will very rarely be the least expensive option, but are excellent value when quality, reliability, flexibility, security and sheer professionalism are taken into account. Customer safety, comfort and satisfaction are absolute priorities and we takes our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. We and our local operators have have full bonding and insurance covering all activities.
International Flights
Africa Safari Direct will be pleased to advise on International flights to East Africa, but clients are advised that these can only be booked for flights originating in the UK. We have an associate flight provider, based in the US, who can advise and provide flights for US residents if required.

Residents of other countries normally make their own flight arrangements as far as their arrival in Kenya or Tanzania.

For clients travelling from the UK, we can book flights with Kenya Airways and KLM at competitive rates.
Almost all Kenya safaris start and finish in Nairobi, although some clients from Europe may fly direct into Mombasa on charter flights.

All Northern Tanzania safari start and finish in Arusha, and the nearest international airport to Arusha is Kilimanjaro airport.
For clients wanting to take a safari in the Northern area of Tanzania, where the major attractions of the Serengeti Plains, the Ngorongoro crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro are located, the most popular options are either to fly with Kenya Airways or British Airways to Nairobi, connecting to Arusha, or with KLM via Amsterdam direct to Kilimanjaro airport.

For clients booking their own international flights, we can arrange the connecting flight from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro airport, or a road transfer to Arusha where Northern Tanzania safaris, and Kilimanjaro climbs, start and finish. The road transfer can be a private road transfer in a safari vehicle direct from the airport, or a pre-booked shuttle bus ticket from the airport or Nairobi centre.

The main city of Tanzania is Dar es Salaam, and several airlines fly here- we can arrange connecting flights to Arusha for clients taking a Northern Tanzania safari, and this option can be useful for those wishing to visit the southern game reserves and Zanzibar. The KLM flight into Kilimanjaro returns to Amsterdam via Dar, so a popular option is to take this flight out to Kilimanjaro, fly from Arusha to Zanzibar for a beach break after the safari, and connect with the return flight in Dar.

British Airways has a daily service to Nairobi, and a service from Dar to Heathrow three days each week, so clients can fly into Nairobi for a Kenya or Northern Tanzania safari, and leave from Dar after visiting the Southern game parks and/ or Zanzibar.

Africa Safari Direct can book all internal flights within East Africa.